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Hi Ian!

Always good to hear from an old Hornet. Zinger is still going, retired and come back more often then Nelly Melba! Good to hear you are still playing, because poor old Brett no longer has working knees and has had to hang up the stick.

We are growing at the moment, 9 teams in a range of divisions, and four flags in the last six seasons!


craig s
president ahhc

Re: General Hockey Chat by CSICSI, 28 May 2009 02:01
Re: General Hockey Chat
Ian Wells (guest) 28 May 2009 01:27
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Hi All

I was doing a clean out at home last week and came across my premiership medals from Mt Barker's time in the South Coast Association. My curiosity was raised to look up the old club and see how it was travelling. We started strong. A couple of women's premierships and four men's premierships in the first four years of having men's teams at the club. Not bad for a young club! This was followed by a hard grand final defeat by Port Adelaide in the club's first year in the Adelaide competition. John Z can tell you about that. I expect his shoulder is still sore from being taken out behind the play by the Port fullback.

I see John is still around and Mick Fox. Are there any others at the club from those days? Barry and Peter White, Rod Hartvigsen, Dave Dempsey, Jim Delaine and the others. I see Brett Sims is still there from the juniors then.

I am in Queensland now and still play even though the knees do not like it much.

Best of luck with the season.




Re: General Hockey Chat by Ian Wells (guest), 28 May 2009 01:27
Re: General Hockey Chat
Hockey Fan (guest) 03 May 2009 14:54
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It's true, why Latvia won the games! They were inspired by true hockey hymn! Russians too!

Re: General Hockey Chat by Hockey Fan (guest), 03 May 2009 14:54

Help….I am looking for a 1982 Salt Lake Golden Eagles Hockey Team Poster….


Mick, we all look forward to that day!

Bennie and me are the only guys left from the Hornets team of the 90's, great feeling!

We can always find a spot for an old hornet in our div 5 or vets b teams!

Re: General Hockey Chat by CSICSI, 02 Oct 2008 08:28

Congratulations to the Metro 4 Men on the 2008 Premiership. Great credit to all involved, and big pat on
the back to Ben Thomson from me - great stuff! I regret not being able to be there - other commitments.

Good news also re the Council's commitment, I look forward to the day when matches are scheduled at
Anembo Park. Just don't dig up the concrete border on the old field, or if you do, think "Mick mixed this".

Mick Fox

Like it says above!

General Hockey Chat by CSICSI, 21 Apr 2008 07:45

Hey there!

If you are interested in joining the AHHC, leave a quick message with your contact details on this thread. We will get back to you asap!

NEW PLAYERS WANTED by CSICSI, 21 Apr 2008 07:44
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