From time to time (ie when they are all typed up) we will post the minutes of our committee meetings here.

Adelaide Hills Hockey club Minutes 16th April 2008

Meeting opened at 9pm.
Present: Craig Sinclair, Brett Sims, John Zeising, Catherine Christian, Heidi Gore, Laura Heath
Apologies: Rachael Andrews

- Monthly sponsorship
- “Jamie Dwyer” poster designed to get people interested in hockey via internet??
- Hockey SA

Rule amendments as follows:

5.2.1 Where two teams have similar uniforms the second listed team must wear an alternative strip. Hockey SA requires photos of bothy strips which Brett supplied last year.

15.5.1 Hockeynet results must be entered by 12 noon each Monday.

Permit applications must be downloaded from the website and done in advance of the given game.

Craig will collect scorepads for all teams from Hockey SA.

Ground fees:
Pines - $150 for senior teams, $100 for vets and juniors
Pt Adelaide and Woodville - $85 for seniors, $69.50 for under 13-18s
$40.50 for under 11s
Adealide, North East, Seacliff - $72 for seniors, $57 for under 13-18s
$28 for under 11s
PAC - $50 for senior teams

Other business

Laura will send office bearers form to Hockey SA.

No bill has arrived from Hockey SA for insurance. Heidi will follow up with Margaret Gow and arrange payment.

Shirts – need to order more shirts for juniors and men’s team. Catherine will get quote from Black Sheep embroidery and Hills Embroidery. Craig will see if he can pin down AJ the Enfield guy for a quote.

The women’s team can remain in stripes for now as they do not clash with other teams.

Juniors start May the 5th.

The new signs have brought approximately 8 new enquiries to our club.

When Brett has finished with Registration forms he will give them to Heidi to make an updated data base to ensure players have paid fees.
Brett will email Heidi his current data base. Plan to use this data base for communicating with members.

New Match Balls. John will get 2 boxes matchballs and 3 boxes of training balls from Hockey world and give receipt to Heidi to pay.

Rachael to follow up possible grants for equipment/computer etc.

Heidi will contact the group re our $2000 for pitch works to see if we can use it for goalie gear and shirts as it is not possible to spend it on our new pitch yet – Zinger okayed.

Quiz night: Brett booked for Saturday the 14th of June at Anembo Park clubhouse.
Booking officer Andrew Hopton 0417 087 281
- Raffle we will run later in season as chocolate drive will start soon.
- Craig S and Craig H will do questions and tech
- Zinger will do bar
- Catherine will do flier
- Cake auction again - anyone to volunteer cakes
- Prizes – everyone to seek donations or donate themselves. Please ask players to contribute.
- $10 adults, $5 children under 16

Anembo Park fees
$100 membership + $5 for each member (100 in our club)

Next social meal at training 7th May.

Next committee meeting 14th May.

Meeting closed 10.20pm

Adelaide Hills Hockey Club

AUGUST 2008 Minutes

Meeting commenced 8.54pm

Present: Craig Sinclair, Brett Sims, Catherine Christian, Rachael Andrews, Laura Heath, Heidi Gore, John Ziesing.

Apologies: Craig Hutchins

Treasurers Report: Still fees owing, notices given out to respective grades


Anembo park update: John wrote to Minister for Rec and Sport Michael Wright, a recognition and reply was received. Shortly after at the next ASPRA meeting the council's CEO, Mayor and councillors attended. $250,000 has been allocated this financial year for Anembo and $200,000 over the next ten years.

Summer hockey: Notices for upcoming season arrived. Laura to give to Bec for possible senior team.

Bank statement received

Bank West: Organised authorisation for Heidi to access and remove grant money. There is $300 of the $2200 grant left. Money to be used for first aid kits, Heidi to chase up prices.

End of Year break up: Seniors at Grumpy's September 13th at 7.30pm for 8pm. Price $25 per head for adults and $15 for 12 years and under, which includes pizza and a drink. Grumpy's can fit 85 so it's first in best dressed. Juniors – 6pm at Anembo, some families to bring salad and some bring dessert and $5 per famikly to cover the meat. Laura taking invites for children and Catherine for women, Craig for men and vets.

Trophies: Club award going to Yvonne Ziesing for her efforts in the canteen and in other club duties.

Goal keepers award: Junior – Matthew Camp (?) Senior – Greg Sparrow.

Other Business:

-Anembo Park Working Party: Brett Sims attending: So far 2 council visits have been made. Heating and cooling for the clubrooms and a fence for softball being considered for the first round of funding for the park.

-Ideas for Brett to take to the working party include: A separate meeting room in the new clubrooms, a separate sports bar from the function room bar. Function room to hold at least 200 people.

-Black rubber: John still waiting for quote.

-Missing Pitch: Still no word from the council.

-Forestville have indicated they would consider nominating our ground as their home and using it for practice if we are to get turf.

Meeting closed 10.09pm.

Next meeting scheduled at Stirling Hotel September 24 at 7.30pm.

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